Manchester to Louisiana, Or the modern day grains to locusts

At this point, the world knows what transpired at Manchester. A 22 year old Libyan-descended man detonated a nail bomb in the middle of an Ariana Grande concert, leaving 22 dead and the rest either wounded or in shock.

Yet the same politically correct politicos and celebrities and sycophants line up to bleat repeatedly, that it wasn’t Islam, no, it wasn’t the religion that doubles as the sole political force in its adherents lives, no, it wasn’t the 1,500 year old religion that regularly wills the people under it to acts better left in the Stone Age.

The reality is, Islam is a poisonous ideology that belongs precisely nowhere in the West or in America. As the CONSTANT terrorist attacks now prove, THEY will never see US as anything other than an enemy. WE should extend THEM the same courtesy!

“Never enough, Never enough
Do I deserve what I got?
Never enough, Never enough”

Those lyrics from a Papa Roach song practically sum up the current situation in the South. With the closure of a Civil War museum in Georgia, it’s now become clear that the political parasites and the permanent victims desire nothing more than the utter removal of anything and everything that offends their feelings. This is the endpoint of the weakness being taught in our universities, our media, and even in our daily lives. You know it as Critical Theory. I call it communism, And here’s the saddening part:

It started with some statues of great men. It won’t end there.

Leftism and Islamism have had long ties, and to me, they are one and the same.

We Men of the West have to unite together. That includes right wingers, tribalists, Neo Nazis, Constitutionalists, Civic Nationalists, and anyone desiring to take a stand against the destruction of our country, and our people!

The existence of our people is not negotiable! And even if you were to seek peace, you cannot seek peace with a rabid dog. Si Ves Pacem Para fucking Bellum!

And with that, I leave you with a light that never goes out…



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